Ranked in the top 10 most livable cities. With a wonderful smart design and park lands all around, you will find yourself being able to get around easily and always be close to nature.  


A large city that has a community feel. Ranked as a top 10 city to live in with its great beaches and lovely climate, surrounded by natural wonders. 


The most iconic of Australia’s cities. KNown for the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, a bustling hub welcoming people from all over the world. 


The river city, with an average 280 days of Sunshine every year, a laid back atmosphere and growing cultural scene it is enticing in so many ways. 

Port Macquarie

A homely town with beaches, rainforests and diverse wildlife. The ideal place to relocate to away from the hustle and bustle of large cities.


Where people come to enjoy an undisturbed life, recharge in nature and immerse in a lively scene of art, music and cuisine


The energetic capital of Victoria. Warm and welcoming with a worldy demographic, you will find this city has something new to offer every day. A cultural and historic delight.

Sunshine Coast

Surfing, glorious beaches, national parks: a popular destination for holidays as well as relocating indivduals and families. 

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